You are starting a New Career and they say : Experience Required !

You must have heard this before especially when you are about to switch your career or if it is your first job. Sometimes even when you are applying for entry-level positions, experience is required. This can test your patience as you will definitely argue that you need experience in order to get a job.

You might feel like you are in an never-ending spiral. Do not loose heart. The CEO, the Director and even the interviewer must have passed this stage where even they had lacked experience.

So how do you go about getting experience, in an everyone-wants experience domain?

It is always better to start early. The graduation days offer great chances for you to to build your skill set, especially through the many extra-curricular activities you can get involved in. You can also take up a part time job during these days.

However, if you are a little late to change, all is still not lost yet. You can still build your experience via part-time jobs or contract work or as a temporary employee. You should make an effort to go that extra mile by offering to learn extra skills and show that you are someone who is eager to learn. Your work does not end here, you should be to convince the interviewer as well about the same.

Just because you need experience to land a high paying corporate job that does not mean a charity or non-profit group would not hire you on either volunteer basis. If copywriting is your calling, you can definitely start off by helping them with innovative content for the or brochures or flyers. Once you become a committed volunteer there is no turning back. You will be given additional responsibility and you can add this to your portfolio.

Experience is not everything and you should confidently be able to explain this to your future employers. If you feel that you are lacking somewhere in experience, use a significant portion of your cover letter to explain exactly, why your lack of experience in the particular field they are looking for is irrelevant. You can also add your experience of community service.

Be prepared to answer lots of questions in the interview as well. If you answer with confidence and make the interviewer feel confident about you as well, your lack of experience will seem irrelevant.

Also, be aware that many of you will have to start at the bottom of the food chain. You will have to work your way up like everyone else new in the industry and this could also mean a lesser pay package.

You also have the option to avail certification options for beginners. These will make sure that you have a good foundation of basic knowledge.

Send your resume to every company that you can think of. Instead of sending your resume to five selected companies, make that number 50 and apply for at least 50 jobs per week.

One of the easier ways to get a job is through someone that you know. Get in touch with the people that you know and get them to help you.

Some other tips:

1.Sign up with the dozens of job agencies available at your city

2.Applying for jobs online not only works, but saves a lot of time. Try keywords such as entry-level, beginner, and junior level while searching jobs.

3.Keep your eyes open for job fairs.

4.Visit the company that you would like to work for and drop off your resume. Give them a call or when dropping off your resume, ask if you can speak with them briefly and introduce yourself. It will make you stand out in their mind while reviewing resumes.

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