Using LinkedIn to Enhance your Career Prospects

Social Networking is increasing its presence in the professional world as well. Sites such as LinkedIn are already being used by recruiters to get potential candidates. We have come up with some basic tips to get you started on LinkedIn.

Complete your profile 100%

LinkedIn keeps a track on your profile completeness, so for your benefit it is better to include past and current work history, a summary, skills you have learned, etc. Linkedin will automatically show you what you should fill out to get to 100 percent.

Some tips:

Update your profile least every 3 months and make sure your profile reflects your changing roles.

  • Rearrange your profile sections and highlight what’s most important to you by putting it in front and center.
  • Use LinkedIn’s vanity URLs to control your Google results
  • Showcase websites or profiles that are updated regularly instead of dead ends.
  • Display your contact info and link it to your LinkedIn profile in every email you send with a signature file.
  • Find meaningful content to re-purpose with help of tools like Company Buzz to highlight mentions of you or your brand on Twitter.
  • Pay special attention to Specialties field and include all of your areas of expertise
  • Make use of applications that show your blog, presentations, and more on your profile.

Post a professional image in your profile

Placing a photo on Linkedin makes you look more creditable as a person and get noticed for future openings. If possible add a photo that is similar to the same one you use on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.

Complete your current title and summary

Your current title and summary should be genuine and concise. It should not exceed three paragraphs and should address the three basic questions- who are you, what do you do, and who do you do it for? Make sure your summary use keywords that will help you get found in LinkedIn search. For example, if you are a digital marketing professional, use keywords such as social media marketing, search engine marketing, analytics, etc.

Complete your past experiences and specialisations

Your past experiences and specializations will help you land a job that is pertaining to your skill sets and what makes you different from everyone else in your your line of work.

Follow industry experts

This will keep you updated with the latest news, topics and in the know for any interviews. Be careful not to follow too many groups as that may make you appear unsure of where your specialties lie.

Join groups

LinkedIn is primarily known for its groups. Find the ones that you are interested in to network, share experiences and in which you can learn and give your opinions. Make connections with who you want to work with and get connected with people inside that can give you an in where you want to work.

Get recommended

Recommendations boost your profile on LinkedIn and give recruiters insights about you a and your working style.

Some Tips:

  • Start off with the strongest things you can say about a person.
  • It is a simple fact-give recommendations to get them. Ask colleagues and friends to recommend you
  • It is always better to ask for a recommendation before you leave a company as you are still fresh in their minds
  • Write a short recommendation and not an essay
  • Avoid being critical in a recommendation. If you cant say something nice, it is better that you do not recommend
  • You also have the option of not publishing the recommendations that you do not like

Be active

Just like a website, your profile is more likely to be viewed when you are actively updating and participating. Make sure you use all the tools available to keep your profile up to date and use the status bar to provide comment on interesting industry news.

Promote & Connect

Become an active member of the online community relevant to your industry. Participate in group discussions, review white papers and network with potential employers . Do not advertise as being underemployed as recruiters believe that employed workers are better employees.

Some tips to connect:

1. Find as many people as you can.
2. Ask your friends to help you out with tough business questions.
3. When you accept connection requests, be sure to send a short message back.
4. Connect with people you do not personally know by searching on terms and industries.
5.Become the center of information by starting a group.
6. Click “like” on shared articles, write short notes of congratulations, and find other ways to show others that you are listening to what they’re saying.
7.If you are attending an event, be sure to talk to the attendees you are connected with.
8. Check out your connections by location, and let them know when you are going to be traveling to their area.

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