Assessment services

Questions related to assessment services

What are assessment services?

o your recruitment process was great and you have got a number of applications from qualified individuals ready to serve your organization. However, it is important to choose the right person for the right job, or else it will be a complete mess. We give the best in class assessment services to organizations and help them get the best employees for the required positions.

Assessment is not done for new employees, but also for the existing ones. Many organizations carry out employee assessment, which even helps serving the purpose to some extent.

Why do you need assessment services?

Assessment services are required for a number of factors such as;

  • Productivity

Every company wants to have employees who are productive and focused on their work. Assessing existing employees will help the organization understand that they have not made the wrong decision by employing these employees and productivity is not lost. Assessing new employees will help the organization understand that they are not hiring the wrong person or people for the vacant positions.

  • Process Efficiency

Here, the point of discussion is cost per hire and time to hire. The calculations are being done and options can be compared. This will help improve efficiency.

  • Training Effectiveness/Cost

If an employee is being trained, it is important that the organization will expect the employee to make the most of it. However, if the training is not of any quality and is costing the organization more than expected, it will be a waste of time and efforts. So, it is important to have a training session which is effective and the outflow ratio is maintained.

  • Performance Ratings

Here, an organization needs to look into employee’s past performance. Assessment service includes this for existing employees mainly, as it will help the promotion/demotion matters of the employee.

  • Other factors

Many a times, organizations have their own policies which a new employee has to adhere to. Assessment services ensure that the employees hired are capable of following such policies and principles or not.

Having noted such points, assessment services can help organizations to make the right choice, which will not be regretted at a later stage.
Why do you need assessment services?