Permanent Placement Recruitment

Our targeted permanent recruiting approach, customized on-boarding and client site management translate into highly qualified associates and less turnover for our clients. We partner with our clients to meet their goals for workforce flexibility, productivity, quality and safety.

A1 Placement’s full-service recruiting experience and network of permanent recruiting experts use consultative and client-specific strategies to find right-fit talent for the company’s culture and business demands. At the same time, our streamlined delivery reduces costs associated with recruiting, interviewing, on-boarding and training. The result? You have more immediate productivity enhancements and greater ROI.

We have considerable expertise in providing Permanent Staffing at various levels. Our streamlined Permanent Staffing system is tuned to understand the client requirement and select the right candidate that matches their needs, both technically and culturally.

What we offer in our Permanent Staffing Solutions?

  • Permanent Recruitment strategy that goes beyond traditional methods
  • Permanent staffing solution that adds value to your bottom line
  • Top performer profiling using advanced assessment tools
  • Expert Industry Consultants with in-depth networks and knowledge

Selection from our wide database

A1 has one of the widest and most refined database of prospective employees from various fields. A1 offers Permanent Staffing services which connects companies with industry-leading specialists that are aligned with the company’s culture and long term goals. Our proven search process in Permanent Staffing utilizes a superior network of active and passive professionals, enabling A1 to provide best-fit experts in a broad range of practice areas. Candidates are sourced, screened, and presented based on long term goals of an organization with emphasis on company culture, views, and employee growth potential.