Mental harmony at workplace

Just as your body needs to detox if you overindulge in alcohol or substance abuse, your brain needs to detox from negativity, overwork, and anxiety. You can re-program your brain toward the positive and become both happier and more productive in the process. Try out these steps:

Get moving

Regular exercise prevent losses in mental function that both aging and stress can create. Try to remove atleast 3.5 hours of time from your schedule Pick up any heart-pounding activity and work on it atleast for 30 minutes few times a week.. The benefits of exercising will have an positive impact on your productivity.

Take adequate rest

Rest is just as important as a workout. Make it a point remove one day atleast from your seven day schedule as a ‘rest day’. Not only can stress and worry can cause insomnia, but a lack of sleep can leave you vulnerable to even more stress, so sleep for atleast 7 hours a day.You will find yourself more productive and less mentally exhausted.

Make good food choices, Drink alcohol in moderation & Avoid Nicotine

Too much sweetness in your diet can make you lethargic, whereas low blood sugar can make you feel anxious and irritable. Eat in small propotions at frequently as it helps your body maintain an even level of blood sugar, keeps your energy up, stay focused, and helps avoid mood swings. Avoid excessive alcohol as it is just a temporaray stress buster and can lead to alcohol abuse or dependence in future. Smoking when you’re feeling stressed may seem soothing, but nicotine is a powerful stimulant that eventually leads to higher, not lower, levels of anxiety.

Time management

Take a look at your current schedule. Create a work-life balance in your schedule and make time for your family, social activities and solitary pursuitsas well. All work and no play gives Jack a burnout. Avoid scheduling things back-to-back or trying to fit too much into one day. Drop the tasks that are not that important and leave it for another day or drop them entirely. Don’t add additional stress by running late to work. Make sure to take short breaks throughout the day to take a walk or sit back and clear your mind. Stepping away from work will actually give you a new perspective and increase productivity.

Task management

Priorotize your tasks. If you have a larger project , break it into smaller tasks and work towards it, step by step. If you have people who you can delegate your tasks to, then do it. You do not have over burden yourself with too many tasks just because you feel you will do the best job and that you cant trust others. Even if you do give up control, do not remote monitor your task if you have alloted it to someone. This will waste even more time. Try to find a middle ground and come up with a mutually acceptable deadline. You cannot be too rigid.

Reduce job stress by improving emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage and use your emotions in positive and constructive ways. Observe your emotions when you are stressed and be aware of your sensory imputs, such as sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Each person will have his/her unique way of responding. Do not ignore your emotions, instead understand what motivates you and de-motivates you. You will be able to communicate much better with others. Your nonverbal messages can either produce a sense of interest, distress or plain confusion. Be self aware of the invisible signals you send out to people with your body language. The simplest and the best remedy is to learn to laugh at stressful situations sometimes. Resolving conflict in healthy, constructive ways can strengthen trust between people , however if the confilct cannot be resolved, end the argument right there even if you do not agree.

Eliminate self-defeating behaviors

Avoid being Mr/Ms Perfect at workplace and be unrealistic about your goals. It simply adds to stress. Do not take up more than what you can handle and if this situation is inevitable then break the task into smaller steps. If you only see the downside of everything, you are not making much progress but spiraling even more downwards. Avid being with negative-thinking co-workers and appreciate yourself when yopu make small accomplishments, even though noone does. Last but not the least try to accept the things that you cannot control. It will be easier.

Simply sharing your problems and feelings with someone eleminates stress. Mingling with some of your colleagues at workplace can relieve pent up emotions and give a sense of belonging at workplace. Lastly, when used appropriately, humor is a great way to relieve stress in the workplace.

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