Etiquettes: Define a workplace & it’s people

When cubicles are in close proximity , there can be lot of distractions in terms of sound from the phone conversations and sharp typing sounds from the keyboard to the noise from the printers. These sounds are unavoidable, but a good office environment is also essential to productivity. Despite this, there will always be a few loud ones, few who gossip non stop or the people who grumble for the silliest things. Well, stay focused . After all, thats the whole purpose of being at work .

personal stuff at work is a no-no:

Office is not an ideal place to do personal work. Long personal calls are always a distraction at workplace. It is always better to sort out your personal issues first and get back to work. In your free time, try to advance your skills by going for a training.

Don’t disturb colleagues with music:

You like a song, that is totally fine, but avoid playing your favourite number loud on speaker. It disturbs other people and it is not mandatory that everybody likes the kind of music you listen to.

Distance yourself from politics:

It is better to avoid office politics or unions, if they exist. It is a waste of time utilizing it in gossip. Even if you find yourself amidst the gossip, try not to say anything negative. It is ideal to avoid such situations but it is also important that you maintain cordial relations with your colleagues.

Excessive Cyber loafing :

Cyber loafing is very common at workplace now a days. It is understood that employees tend to surf at some point of time, but overdoing can hamper productivity and plus the sites you surf are monitored by most of the employers. Even if you chat or use it for personal e-mailing, limit the use. Make sure never to use it for heavy downloads as that can result in bandwidth issues, slowing down the Internet considerably.

Avoid keen interest in others:

Avoid interfering or taking excessive interest in someone’s personal life. Do not comment on people’s personality or dressing sense. You may have bias against someone, but that does not mean you need to voice it openly. If someone talks the same way you talk about them, then you are definitely not going to cherish it. This is where empathy comes into the picture.

The Other annoying habits at workplace:

  • About 53 percent of the employees think that shouting is a bad form of communicating which includes swearing and talking loudly. In short, mind your volume.
  • While addressing an email, it is unprofessional to add smiley’s or kisses at the end of the mail. Also, avoid chat lingo , such as lol, bdw in mails.
  • In conversational terms, the view on having romantic relationships with a colleague could be considered non professional . The views on this one are divided.
  • Work would indeed be a morose place if we did not exchange pleasantries over the morning brew, however, refraining from shouting and talking or avoiding excessive gossip can actually ease work relations.
  • You might even find yourself pleasing a lot of the people, a lot of the time.

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