Contract Staffing

Task orientated, Focused & Quickly- Fitting Staff

A1 Placements is provides integrated solutions for contract staffing for various segments of industry and corporates. We provide Human resource to various national and multinational companies who want to outsource their specific non core activities to some agencies, so that they can focus on their core business.

Often the terms temporary Staffing and Contract Staffing are used invariably. Contact Staffing is nothing but employees that are directly employed by the client on generally a fixed term assignment. We serve our clients with a vast range of contract staffing services, which is basically a way of employing manpower on contract basis, which can take place between one company and one individual or between two companies (client company and staffing company).

A1 Placements has successfully emerged as an eminent name, engaged in offering Contract Recruitment services. Our support helps clients in minimizing costs by acquiring skilled professionals only when requirement arises. One can also avoid the impact of staffing shortfalls and seasonal fluctuations by utilizing contract staff for highly specialized positions. Sickness, holiday and maternity leaves among the existing staff can also be taken care of with ease.

The Contract Staffing Advantage:

Overall Headcount:

Contract Staffing is a quick and effective way of getting the work done without impacting on Headcount.

Cost control:

The rates charged are always based on a competitive marketplace rate -not an inflated or long service salary rate

Save Costs:

The hours actually worked, are the only hours charged to the client.

Resources available whenever required:

Flexible working hours and unrestricted work practices are associated with Contact Staffing and generates increased productivity and reduced costs for the client.

Avoid Redundancy Payments:

The client is not liable for redundancy payments to contract staff on completion of contract.

Saving on Administration/Payroll/Accounts :

The need for administration, payroll and account time is almost eliminated.

Rapid Communication:

Contract Staff can usually be provided to the client within one week and frequently within 24 hours. Response time is an important factor for cases of unexpected resignation of an employee, urgent projects or the unplanned orders.