Beginning of a New Year, Beginning of a New Career

Changing carrers can be exciting, emotionally epheaveling, but at the same time stressful. It has a long term impact on all major areas of your life, inciuding work and family. Make sure you make the right move and for the right reasons.

Here are six best reasons to make a career change. Do any of these apply to you?

#1: You feel you are not Growing:

When you have reached a dead -end and feel saturated , you can think about going for another field.
A saturation point can be detrimental to your career growth. Some other related symptoms include : lack of challenging and mentally simulating assignments or the role itself not offering challenging oppourtunities or the future of your industry looks bleak. However, if your symptom is da first one, and is solely related to the specific company you work for, then changing employers and not your whole career path might make sense.

#2: Your Life Has Recently undergone transition

If you have recently got married, had a baby or perhaps have moved to a different location and hence a different labour market or simply have decided to work for your passion instead of the money, it maybe an indicator of a career change in the near future. All these factors have bought a different perspective and a certain change in your life. Besides I could list a 100 more but these are the common ones that make an individual to make a switch in their career.

#3: Circumstances have choosen your current career.

You may have choosen your current career due to wrong decision at that particular point of time or certain random twists and turns that you were not expecting or perhaps plain thoughtlessness at that time. However, this time you know what you want to do something that is suitable for you.

#4: You current career does not offer bright salary prospects

When you feel there is no further progress and where your career is like a one way street that is come to a hault, it is time to step out of it. This is appliacbe only if your industry is facing slack, but if it is just about your company, then it might just be another hasty decision gone wrong. Penetrating into a new career provides long term benefits and not instant gratification as at the begining you might start off with a lesser pay or maybe start off with an entry level.

#5: You’ve Got A Clear Idea of Where You’d Rather Be

If you are extremely sure of your new career and done enough research to know its pros and cons, you are running in the right direction. It becomers even more easier if you have visualized your career path to reach there.

#6: You’ve always envisioned ‘your dream job’

You have wasted half of your life imagining that ideal career: ballerina/wildlife photographer/inventor/ astronaut/ entrepreneur . Well, its time to work on it.
What do you really see yourself in 5 years time, I know this is a cliche question that is even asked in most of your interviews, but for once ask this to yourself instead of the interviewer asking you for a change.

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