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Before joining a company, consult a Manpower Recruitment Agencies

Tips from Manpower Recruitment Agencies

With a number of professionals graduating every year, the employers and to-be-employees have their own demands. A Manpower Recruitment Agency is a common link to the needs of the two parties.

In India, there are a number of to-be-employees, who are on their toes and ready to be a part of a reputed company, but they carry a number of misconceptions in their minds. Some of the misconceptions are noted below:

Misconceptions Noted by Manpower Recruitment Agencies

  1. Accountability: Life without a job is just like a reflection in the mirror. So, when you look into a mirror, you see yourself the opposite way around. Basically, people think that they will join a new company, but their social and family routine will not be affected. That is the biggest issue employees and employers face, when a bond is signed. With a job in hand, you need to be more accountable. You need to adjust your routine according to your job so that none of the parties are affected.

  2. Job Title: Everyone starts from level one and there are no immediate promotions. You don’t just join a company and expect the employer and other employees to give you some special status. However, you can earn that special status with experience and practice.

  3. Salary: Imagine, you join a company and the employer offers you a salary of Rs. 10,00,000 p.m. with a bare minimum experience and the other employees of your level get Rs. 10,000 p.m. Oh that’s luck, right? Wrong! That is a misconception. You start the way others start and you may reach the six and seven figures, but you start from the ground level. Ask the Manpower Recruitment Agency to help you settle for the right amount.

  4. Degree: If you have an opening for a CA, and you have two candidates. One is a CA with two years of experience and the other is a CA with a year’s experience but also has an additional degree of CMA. With that, you need to decide who will get the job.

So, when you are looking for a job opportunity, make sure you let the Manpower Recruitment Agencies know about your requirements, and don’t demand the terms. At the same time, don’t force yourself to work for a job role which is not meant for you. If you think you want to work as a CA, you can wait for an opportunity rather than working as a senior accountant and later on cursing yourself for the wrong move. A1 Placements offers permanent placement solutions, temporary placement solutions and much more. Contact us to guide you with any kind of permanent staffing needs.

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