assessment services

A1 Placements provides an entire gamut of testing and assessment services that includes consulting, test content, delivery and reporting services. We deliver online assessment services, computer-aided and paper pencil tests with seamless redundancies and quality standards.

Our employee assessment solutions taps the competencies that predict job performance in the service industry. Our human resource assessment services have action plans that show you how to use the results for recruitment, individual development and succession planning. Not only that, we customize packages to ensure you get a customized assessment solutions that are really very affordable. We offer state-of-the-art Psychometric and gold standard statistics used in such well-known assessments like the GRE, MCAT and LSAT.

Our assessment experts and training professionals provide clients with the finest system available today for efficient and effective HR recruitment, development and training.

Our assessment will allow you to:

  • Industry-specific testing and assessment solutions for all job levels
  • Provide insight into what a candidate is capable of doing and focus on competencies critical for success in each target position.
  • Improve hiring by selecting candidates exhibiting key competencies,
  • Improve development of existing staff by identifying specific gaps
  • Improve internal resource allocation by placing employees in the role that best matches their profile


HR personnel no longer have the time to review all of the resumes and job applications that they receive. Our assessment services are easy to implement and reduce the time spent on screening the candidates. We even offer a job application test that can be administered by phone or Internet.


Our Employee Screening Assessments identify employees that are crucial to the success of an organization in a quick, accurate, and cost-effective manner . Our Assessment rests are designed to be a short, easy-to-administer, fair.


Research has established that effective performers demonstrate specific behaviors and possess key attributes. Our In-Depth Employee Assessments helps you to find, hire, and retain individuals who possess these characteristics. After all these are the people who will contribute to your organization and its future success.

We believe assessment management is the center of any organizations assessment strategy. Our flexible assessment solutions offer both, assessment technology and delivery services.